Common mode chokes are used to reduce conducted EMI on an AC line, typically generated by switching power supplies. The typical configuration places the filter at the input of the circuit, where any “noise” generated by the SMPS or other equipment is attenuated, while allowing differential mode signals to pass through unimpeded.

ECI offers several standard configurations for both through-hole & surface mount applications. Single layer Toroidal geometries, in general, maximize the common mode impedance over the widest frequency range (maximized Inductance & minimized Capacitance). For applications requiring an encapsulated device, we offer both horizontal & vertical mounted components. All common mode inductors (except the SML5 surface mount series) are constructed with 3mm minimum creepage & clearance between opposing circuits. These inductors are compatible with typical agency requirements such as UL, IEC & CSA safety standards. 

Other values or versions are available on request.