Although ECI has a wide selection of standard magnetic products, many applications require either a modification of a standard product platform, or something completely custom and application specific. As a recognized industry leader in the design of custom magnetic solutions, ECI's engineering staff stands ready to assist with the selection of a standard product, or to develop an innovative design solution using "state of the art" techniques & materials. At ECI, we design the "total transformer", fully integrating electrical performance parameters,mechanical packaging constraints, end-application environmental conditions and safety agency requirements. ECI "designs for manufacturability" always recognizing that the design still needs to be manufactured in a productive & cost-effective manner.

Applications can range from high volume commercial to military & space magnetics, RoHS or ITAR compliant. Our "custom magnetics design worksheets" are useful tools to begin this process. Simply complete the appropriate form with all pertinent information and forward to ECI's engineering department. Our engineering staff will work with you through the design stage, provide quick turn prototypes, and develop a production ready design. Please contact our engineering department at (413) 562-7684.

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