ECI manufactures high voltage transformers up to 20KV output.  We manage the voltage gradient using various methods & insulation combinations; including void-free vacuum encapsulation, high dielectric insulation materials, unique winding distribution, “progressive”, “bank” & “universal” windings.  The transformers may be either “dry”, or designed for use in an oil filled environment. 

ECI manufactures high current inductors at levels up to 400A, and can measure inductance with up to 200A bias.  Transformer output power levels range up to 20KW, while switching frequencies typically range to 500kHz, with some applications into the MHz range.  ECI custom transformers/inductors typically can be as large as 40# in weight, or small enough a microscope is required.

Conductor types include standard magnet wire of all temperature ratings, litz wire (including extruded overcoats), rectangular & square wire, copper foil, and copper tubing (for internal liquid cooling).

ECI magnetic components have many years of service in the most rugged, unique & extreme environments, from deep below the surface of the earth to deep into space … and of course anywhere in between.